Graphic Novels

Last updated: 2017-07-13

Six different publishers, six more or less alike editions of the ElfQuest graphic novels..

The Different Editions

So far six different publishers have published more or less alike editions of the ElfQuest graphic novels; Starblaze/Donning, Titan, Father Tree Press, Warp Graphics, DC Comics and most recently Dark Horse Comics.

The graphic novels published by DC Comics are in colour similar to the previous graphic novels that have been published, only re-edited concerning colour and speechbubbles. DC Comics has also published another two series of compilations in so called Manga format. The first series have past publications in a more chronological order, the second is a digest edition called “The Grand Quest” that story-wise is identical with the Archives edition, except for the fact that it is in black&white and doesn’t contain any old cover image listings for the single issues included in the publications.

Dark Horse Comics are currently publishing not only earlier issues in graphic novel volumes called “The Complete Series”, but also a brand new ElfQuest single issues called “The Final Quest” as well as compilations of them in a series called “The Complete Final Quest”!

Their Content

The Graphic Novels, are simply compilations of several single issues divided up into a number of volumes. Many times so called character portraits and covers from these single issues were also included in these, as well as occasionally reworked material here and there, and other extra material.

You may also have heard of the term “The Complete ElfQuest”, which was what one called the first edition of graphic novels that Father Tree Press published. Then “Reader’s Collections”, is what the black&white graphic novels were called that were published by Warp Graphics, Inc. under its Wolfrider Books imprint in 1998-2002.

The Standalone Graphic Novels

Not all of the graphic novels published have numbers assigned and are standalones. These are “The Hidden years” and “New Blood” that are two hardcover books. And the more recent volumes The Discovery and The Searcher & The Sword.

Then it should also be noted that “Bedtime Stories” was another hardcover standalone. It contained traditional fairytales with an Elfquest spin (like Jack & The Beanstalk with Cutter in the lead role). The idea is that these are stories being told to Suntop and Ember when they are small children in Sorrow’s End. These stories were originally published as New Blood stories, and are probably not canon. All these books were in colour and “Published by Warp Graphics, Inc., under its Father Tree Press imprint”. Yet most skip the imprint notation and simply talk of Father Tree Press as the publisher, to easier separate the different editions. Lastly, The Worldpool graphic novel actually has a “?” as its denoted volume number.

Reading Order

For a suggested reading order of these standalone publications in regards to the others, as well as more details on these publications, please see Shara’s Guide to All ElfQuest Publications 🙂 [also about to be overhauled and updated asap, please have patience!]

Overview of Editions..

 Cover of first volumePublication info
colour contentBook 1 to 4,
by Starblaze/Donning (1981-1984)

4 volumes, softcover
colour contentThe Complete ElfQuest,
by Titan (1988-1992)
by Father Tree Press (1988-1992)

8 volumes, softcover
colour contentBook 1 to 9,
by Father Tree Press (1993-1994)

9 volumes, hardcover
black & white content Reader's Collections
by Warp Graphics

30 volumes(?), softcover
black & white content Mangas
The Grand Quest
by DC Comics (2003-2006)

2 + 14 volumes, softcover
colour contentArchives
by DC Comics (2003-2007)

4 volumes, hardcover with dustjacket
colour contentThe Complete ElfQuest
The Complete Final Quest
by Dark Horse Comics (2014-, 2015-)

?? + ?? volumes..